Where: Down an inviting backstreet in Covent Garden

Cuisine: Mexican

Swank levels (Just how swanky is it?):

Decorated like a town in Mexico, with green palm trees and a yellow and blue interior to mimic a horizon, this is not a high end sort of decor, but that’s not Wahaca’s aim.
Instead, Wahaca tries to recreate the atmosphere of a Mexican market, so there’s no formality at all, they don’t even take bookings for tables. This makes it the perfect place to stop for a lengthy late lunch whilst sinfully shopping in the local area, or just to take a small break and fill up on a few snacks.

Could I afford seconds?

Yes! But there was so much food I don’t think I could have fitted in seconds! I went for the street food option, small dishes made to share for just under £4 each. The menu suggested ordering 2 or 3, I ordered 2, the New Potato Taquito and a Broad Bean and Feta Quesadillas (I try and eat vegetarian when I can you see). I can safely say they were so filling I could hardly finish them! Though, as I don't at all like wasting food, I called on my accompanying dinner for assistance who, by the way had ordered the Summer Fuerza salad, which was probably triple the size of what a salad would be in any one of the michelin restaurants.

This was alongside a Citrus fizz to drink, a long glass for only £1.50!
And they also give away Mexican chili seeds in packing that looks like it contains matches! A nice surprise!

Would I want to order seconds?

This I should probably mention, the food was amazingly delicious! I think I could safety estimate that everything on the menu must be just as good as the food I tasted. Wahaca was my first proper Maxican restaurant experience and I am definitely going back.


3/5... food was amazing but swish swank just isn't the right definition for this place.

Website: www.wahaca.co.uk

Oh and they even have a blog! Imagine that!

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