Where: North, West, South, East – actually all across London!

Cuisine: Mediterranean and Middle Eastern

Swank levels:
Del’Aziz restaurants are not just restaurants: each branch offers a bustling delicatessen and brassiere displaying a fresh supply of fruits, chocolates, pastries and more.
This layout creates a relaxed marketplace atmosphere in each branch. This makes a nice contrast to some of the overly designed and decorated, sometimes stuffy, souk style Mediterranean restaurants you find dotted in and around London.

The furnishings adds to the airy fresh atmosphere as each restaurant is lined with chunky wooden table and fresh flowers; this is complemented well by large floor a length glass wall letting in floods of natural light.

Del’Aziz also host belly dancing, flamenco and live music night which is a nice addition to the atmosphere. The times and dates for which are stated on their website.
Therefore swish really isn’t the word to describe this place; instead I’d call it lively, spacious and airy.

Would I want seconds:
Although Del’Aziz describes itself as a niche Middle Eastern Restaurant, it attempts to cover everything it possibly can within the field. As a result Del’Aziz can be seen as the ‘Jack of all trades’ of Middle Eastern restaurants. It caters for breakfast, mint tea and shisha breaks, leisurely lunches as well as candle lit dinner parties. In addition they do eat-in, take-away and host large dinner parties.

Each sitting has a slightly different menu but this extensive range does mean that within each sitting there isn’t a very large choice. For example, for dinner there only seem to be two vegetarian main meals. In addition the food is very specifically Middle Eastern and they don’t verve away from this to accommodate picky eaters, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But ultimately it seems that by trying to cater to all dining options, the variety of food on offer within each sitting suffers.

I can’t boast that I’ve dined at Del Aziz for all the above sitting; I have had dinner there and despite the lack of a wide range of choice, the food is wholesome and nice. Yes nice, not amazing, mainly because there seems to be a lack of defining flavours which arise from the right blend of spices or that extra crowning herb that finish of a dish.

This means that after I’ve finished a dish I’m not craving for more of them same. However I would still be tempted to visit Del’Aziz to try another meal during the day, such as breakfast, as they offer so much variety it would see slightly premature to form all my opinions of this place in one sitting.

Could I afford seconds:
I think the question here is would I want to pay for seconds? The prices are not extortionate but the cost doesn’t truly reflect the quality of the food. The average main meal for dinner will cost about £15 - £20 which is fine for the venue, although not superb value. I have eaten much nicer food in much swisher places for much less.


Would I recommend this place to my readers? Despite the above score yes I would. I’d recommend it for its uniqueness - the atmosphere, the experience and the unique counters with very tempting produce on sale.

It’s an especially good place to dine with large groups of people due to the extensive tables and airy vibrant atmosphere. It also doesn’t cost too much so I would say it’s definitely worth at least one visit.

Del’Aziz branches can be found throughout London including Swiss Cottage in North London, Bermondsey in the South and a branch in Westfield too with a very nice al fresco dining option; though is aware that the menu does vary at each branch.


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