Where: Willesden Green, North West London

Cuisine: Italian


Swank levels:

Sanzio is my amazing local Italian. It’s not glam but it is very cosy and incredibly welcoming. The entire decor of the restaurant is so very homey, with windows decked in gleaming gold fairly lights, the dark wooden tables littered with shimmering candles, and an array of paintings on the walls.

Named after Raphael Sanzio da Urbino, and Italian painter and architect of the high renaissance the restaurants has a similar traditional artistic feel.
The restaurant also has bay windows which can be opened out in Summer to let in a cooling breeze making it in all a very relaxing location.

Could I afford seconds?

Yes. The prices are perfect for the amount of food served. It’s not incredibly cheap as you sometime get in small local restaurants, but the prices are worth it. A pasta dish can cost about £7- £12 and a pizza about £8. As with all traditional Italian menus the number of dishes on offer is extensive with substantial choice for vegetarians.
Would I want seconds?

Yes. The food, like the d├ęcor, is relaxed and fulfilling. The portions are large enough to fill you up but also allow some space for dessert.


This is the ideal little location for a small romantic meal or a laid back gathering of friends. I’m in love with the comfy, cosy and totally charming atmosphere it has in the evenings and the food is lovely too.

It’s a 5/5 for my little secret restaurant. So secret it's not even on or yet!


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