inSpiral Lounge

Where: Camden

Cuisine: Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

Swank Level: It’s hard to measure...

inSpiral is impossible to define in one word, or even a sentence. It’s not strictly a restaurant, nor is it just a bar or a cafĂ©. Instead this seriously vegan establishment serves up unique vegetarian meals in a space which also hosts music, art and poetry performances. The venue also has a built in DJ booth which comes in handy when it hosts live music and open mic nights.

The most appealing factor about inSpiral is the location; situated right beside Camden Lock and boasting canal views means securing a table by the window results in a very special view.
Despite the swirling neon lights and dance music pumping out as you eat, inSpiral also takes its food very seriously.

Would I Want Seconds?

The menu at inSpiral is purely vegetarian and it also serves a large variety of vegan dishes and has a raw bar too. All ingredients are natural, organic, seasonal and locally sourced.
The menu ranges from hot foods to salads, sandwiches, raw food, smoothies, rice milk, vegan organic cake and even soya-free sugar-free vegan ice cream. In addition inSpiral aims to lace as many super foods in as many dishes as possible, including goji berries, acia and agave, all of which are also on sale.

With this in mind many of the dishes are creatively spectacular, as a significant amount of skill and research is needed to produce vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes. Some of these unique inventions include gluten-free lasagne and raw pizza with olives, sundried tomatoes, and sunflower seed cheese on a raw sprouted seed base.

In addition, as well as smoothies and fruit juices, inSpiral also have a 100% organic bar with organic beer on tap and they serve a range of organic cocktails, becoming the first venue in London to do so.
What’s more, in line with their environmentally friendly approach, inSpiral only uses 100-per-cent ecoelectricity, bio-degradable and recycled packaging in all their produce.

Could I Afford Seconds?

inSpiral is definitely affordable, diners can have a three course meal for around £12.
Main courses cost around £6 and side dishes cost around £4. They also have deals on where you can order three courses for a reduced price. All day breakfast which is made up of vegan sausages, hash brown, scrambled tofu, home baked beans and wheat or rye toast for a very reasonable £4.95.
In the drinks department, their extremely healthy looking smoothies range from £3 to £5, and cocktails are all under £6.

Though keep in mind that this is one of those places where you order you food at the counter at the front, where you can see all that’s on offer.

Overall: It’s hard to rate a place like this.

InSpiral is a strange but inviting little place. As well as the lounge, they also have a bakery, online shop and a wholesale business selling products like cake, raw food and raw chocolate to the wider public.

In addition to this and as well as offering a wide range of vegan and vegetarian food, inSpiral’s aim is to promote mindful choices and community spirit. This wholesome philosophy is served up with some wholesome food and it definitely worth a try if you are looking for something very different.

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